The first hemp-based activewear line on Earth.


The first hemp-based activewear line on Earth.

SOLINIUM is a soft, sustainable compression fabric,
that moves and breathes, just like we do.


Measurable impact for
People & Planet

The Solinium line is the worlds first high-performance fabric
made from hemp. Solinium is a soft, sustainable compression fabric,
that breathes just like you.


Solinium is comprised of 92% SOL Hemp
to create the best activewear based fabric
for the People & Planet.

The Numbers

The Solinium line includes the optimization
and balance of unique moisture-wicking,
compression, breathability, recovery and durability.

The Rest

98% of world’s activewear is made
from petroleum products and microplastics
which pollute our oceans.


We include every color palette introduced
by our planet, with a focus on seasonal
charitable lines, like our Northern Lights line.


Organic Fabric – Solinium


Minimum Wear Cycles


Soft, Breathable, Compression


The Planet


98% of leggings are made from petroleum products

Your standard yoga pants, come from the byproducts of petroleum refining. Extracting and refining the petroleum necessary for plastic uses tons of energy and water. Since plastics never truly biodegrades, the plastic fibers in your leggings will live on as tiny plastic molecules in the soil and water…forever.

Organic Percentage: Solinium Leggings


the solution app

The solution app is the conduit between SOL Alliance
and our family and friends.
Each feature is designed to optimize and empower the SOL People
via Nutrition, Fitness and Shared Experiences.

Full Fitness

Whether you are looking for Yoga or Kickboxing, we do it all!

We offer unique workout plans for upper body, legs, HIIT, and full body, that work for everyone.

Personal Touch

Your connection to our Trainers will truly resonate, on a personal level

We make you feel like you are in a personal training session and your success, is all that matters.

SOL MatchFit

We believe in sharing in your success, with incentives and rewards

SOL MatchFit allows you to size down, or even up, with huge discounts, as you hit your goals.

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