BORNEO Saving Orangutans and empowering economic development and reforestation. THE ORANGUTAN PROJECT nanotech Our Nanotech CBD products offer over 400% higher bioavailability than everyone else in the market cbd products that raise the bar SOLINIUM The worlds first high-performance fabric made from hemp.
Solinium is a soft, sustainable compression fabric, that breathes just like you.
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It is Quite Simple

We are engineering better alternatives for products and the source materials, used for those products.
Obviously, recycling planet damaging products, is better than creating new ones.
However, we should all be focused on curing our problems, instead of treating them.

We are simply creating superior alternatives, to the things we use everyday, at the same price points.
Those products become the tactile touch points that connect us each day, to our global mission, as
one people, sharing one planet.

The Net Result is that we change an ‘After-thought’ into a ‘Thought’ and that thought is subliminally reinforced
over and over, until it becomes an Actionable Thought.

Today, the world is content with 10% sustainability targets. At SOL Alliance, we only begin to smile, at 90%.
This is why we remained in R&D until our flagship product, SOLINIUM, reached an incredible 92% Hemp threshold.
This was achieved while hitting the activewear criteria targets needed to offer apples-to-apples alternatives in the market.
After all, why should we have to compromise anything, in order to protect everything?



This is a world changing product. For many years, the clothing industry has been scrabbling to find ways to become more sustainable. We have the real solution and it’s unlike anything that has been done before.

Solinium is the most environmentally friendly athleisure fabric, with over 90% hemp and we are well on our way to our goal of making the first carbon negative fabric in the world.



Borneo is the oldest rainforest in the world and the most biodiverse land in the known universe. Full of orangutans, rhinos, elephants, tigers, leopards and countless other beloved species, Borneo is being destroyed for the utilization of Palm Oil which we use for just about everything.

Therefore, we have dedicated an entire product to saving the rainforests in Borneo and Sumatra. Our ten-year goal is to have these lands and its wildlife protected forever.



Orangutangeez are an everyday CBD multivitamin gummy. Our nanotechnology reduces the CBD particle size by 1000x, making it 400% more effective. When you replace your current supplement with Orangutangeez, you will be healing your body while also healing the planet.

Why not replace the current, less effective vitamins you are using today, with something that protects you and your planet?



When we tell you our products are all natural, we mean it.

Sol Charge is the purest and most naturally energizing pre-workout you will ever come across. We combined super fruits from India, China, the Amazon and even Pacific volcanoes with the most nutritious plants from the ocean, spirulina algae and wakame seaweed to create the perfect pre-workout, giving you an energizing boost with none of the processed drink jitters.



This is another world changing product.

The solution app brings out the the best of the fitness world, with popular fitness stars from around the world.

Meal Plans: Custom meal plans with Whole Foods integration that allows the captured 5% savings to go into local community Food programs.

Workouts: Integrated API of Whoop/Halo/Apple Watch for HR, Respiratory Rate, etc. Customized programs that cover all goals and body types.

The People: 50% savings on replacement for SOLINIUM gear once a healthy change in size occurs, if using the solution app.



Our first goal is to finish creating our hemp bio-nylon.

Once we have done so, we will scale that technology in Singapore, where on either side, lies the Borneo and Sumatran rainforests. Here, we will grow the hemp for our products and by doing so, regenerate the soil, begin the rebirth of the rainforests, and assist in the economic redevelopment of the local community.


The only path forward, is a path shared.
We will be creating a collaborative Round Table
environment that creates synergistic opportunities
to the companies in the Alliance.


If you are a startup, or an early stage company
looking for a pragmatic path to growth in the
sustainability space, please reach out today!


Safeguarding the technology is reserved
until SOL Alliance becomes synonymous with
sustainability in our markets. At that point, our
fabric/yarns are available to the world.

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