Ecosystems & Orangutans

We are offering 100% of the profits of our CBD Multivitamins to
the Orangutan Project.

Ecosystems & Orangutans

We are offering 100% of the profits of our CBD Multivitamins to
the Orangutan Project.


Nanotech CBD Multivitamins with 100% of profits going to

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Core Cause

SOL ALLIANCE is the worlds first company to
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Multivitamins for the entire family with built-in
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Color vs Flavor

Yes, Orangutans are Orange, but daily gummies should
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Shared DNA with Us


Acres Threatened Rain Forest


Lifespans are long


Orangutans you can save


The Orangutan Project

Orangutans are great apes, as opposed to monkeys, and are closely related to humans, having 97% of DNA in common.
The Orangutan Project funds orangutan rescue teams. Some of the very last populations of Sumatran tigers, elephants and orangutans will continue to roam and breed in safety, just as they had done for thousands of years before land clearing, poaching and fires almost wiped them from our planet.

Logging is an obvious problem for orangutans who spend their lives in trees.

Fires endanger the orangutans and the smoke confuses them leaving them vulnerable to death from loss of habitat (food). Fires are commonly started to clear the land and undergrowth for farming and palm oil plantations.

Palm Oil Plantations are now the leading suppliers for a global market that demands more of the tree’s versatile oil for cooking, cosmetics, and biofuel. But palm oil’s appeal comes with significant costs. Palm oil plantations often replace tropical forests, killing endangered species, uprooting local communities, and contributing to the release of climate-warming gases. The orangutans that are displaced starve to death, are killed by plantation workers as pests, or die in the fires.

Poaching orangutan infants and hunting for meat also threatens the species. Mothers are often killed for their babies, which are then sold on the black market for pets as they are cute. Babies cling to their mothers and suckle their mother’s milk until the age of 6 years. Rescued infants are then rehabilitated by volunteers at orangutan rescue centers.


The Orangutan Project.

View a few of the photos of this incredible project.

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Adopt an Orangutan Today

For as little as $12 a month, you can help support an orphaned or injured orangutan through rehabilitation in one of our care centres.

Only 1 out of 6 orphans are lucky enough to be rescued – over 1,000 orphaned orangutans are living in rescue and rehabilitation centres. Care of these infants is costly and requires 24hr staff, veterinary, and nurse care to ensure they are in a healthy condition and have the best chance of returning to life in the wild.

All adoption money goes directly to helping orphans at the care centres we support and providing opportunities for a safe return to protected forests.

We are in regular contact with the staff at the centres and our team visits regularly to get updates on the orphaned infants to see how they are progressing. For a small monthly sum you can make a real difference and help these orphaned orangutans survive.

Orangutan adoptions are tax deductible in Australia and the USA.


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