SOL Alliance

World Changing Hemp-based Performance
Products for People & Planet

SOL Alliance

World Changing Hemp-based Performance
Products for People & Planet


Measurable impact for
People & Planet

The Solinium line is the worlds first high-performance fabric
made from hemp. The SOL Charge fitness supplements offer
Nanotech CBD with 449% better absorption.
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Solinium is comprised of 92% SOL Hemp
to create the best activewear based fabric
for the People & Planet.

The Numbers

The Solinium line includes the optimization
and balance of unique moisture wicking,
compression, breathability, recovery and durability.

The Rest

98% of world’s Athleisure products are made
from petroleum products and microplastics
which pollute our oceans.


We include every color palette introduced
by our planet, with a focus on seasonal
charitable lines, like our Northern Lights line.


Organic Fabric – Solinium


Minimum Wear Cycles


Soft, Breathable, Compression


The Planet


98% of leggings are made from petroleum products

Your standard yoga pants, come from the byproducts of petroleum refining. Extracting and refining the petroleum necessary for plastic uses tons of energy and water. Since plastics never truly biodegrade, the plastic fibers in your leggings will live on as tiny plastic molecules in the soil and water, forever.

Organic Percentage: Solinium Leggings


Everything you need
in one place.

The world has been waiting for a truly sustainable active wear line.

Solinium Softness

Exceptional softness and flexibility, for day-in and day-out comfort.

Moisture wicking breathability for maximum performance

SOL Community

Connect to like-minded Influencers & friends to change your course.

The SOL Ambassadors are your new best friends.

SOL Shop

Shopping with pre-launch deals and benefits for all of our members.

The SOL Fit Team will share specials before they launch.

The Orangutan Project.

Nanotech CBD Multi-vitamins with 100% of profits going to The Orangutan Project.
The SOL CBD offers industry leading Nanotech CBD, with 449% better absorption.

The Wildlife Conservation goal of saving 8 Ecosystems over the next decade.

Watch the Orangutan Jungle School Videos on Youtube
from Smithsonian

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